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Electronic Music

From Ambient Chilltronica to Dance to Drone music,

This is to illustrate a composers style for commercial purposes.

If you are interested in commissioning or buying a piece of work for your self or for commercial purposes, please get in touch via my contact page.

Thank you for taking the time to listen.

Tracks of the Month


Music created for Reality tv show cut scenes like the Kardashians &

 Total Bellas on  E channel

Upbeat with edit points and still good when removing instrumental layers (stems) giving the track high versatility. 

Broken Swords

Broken Swords is a theme styled cinematic piece with strong electronic & classical instrumentation.

It has a Medieval feel and lends its self to a historic or fantasy setting. Passion, Shivery, Drama and Romance are all  encompassed within this track.  

Summers Day

A upbeat, positive anthem style EDM track

Continuous forward movement with a  great distinctive middle section lending to multiple remixes and flexibility both as a dance track and for film/TV


A ambient Chilltronica track to transport you to another world.

Slow and continuous progression with multiple stem layers keeping the track dynamic and interesting throughout whilst holding onto the same chord progression.

Bravo Charlie

A minimalist tension cue with build. well placed in a film scene or FPS games


Mercury is drone music that slowly progresses in intensity through out.


It has a feel and sound of something eerie, alien, expectant, majestic and wondrous as the sound fully intensifies.

Left of Left

A electronic older style dance inspired by some of the music created by Leftfield

The focus on this piece is the percussion and to use multiple layers here to create a forward progression and keep it dynamic rather than  chord changes and following a ABAB format

Thinking of You

A Smooth and chilled out Instrumental old school style R&B track.


A electronic easy-listening chilled out instrumental  track, Chilltronica

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