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Classically Based Music

From solo Piano to orchestral arrangements for song and film.


This is to illustrate a composer's style for commercial purposes.

If you are interested in commissioning or buying a piece of work for your self or for commercial purposes, please get in touch via my contact page.

Thank you for taking the time to listen.

Tracks of the Month

The Renaissance



A Powerful  poignant piece with a strong cinematic feel enhanced with the choir.


Compiled of two short movements

Piano, Small string ensemble & choir

A Day With You



A slow and beautiful Piano piece designed as a simple Duet. A romantic journey with a story telling feel to it. 


What story does it tell you?

How does it make you feel? 


 Is classically based with a  small ensemble around strings and piano. it was designed to evoke a feeling of perpetual loss and the broken psyche of the individual feeling it. The roles of the instrumentation were to represent the psyche (piano) and emotion (strings) 

Ascension To The Throne



Is a classically based piece with a cinematic application. A small orchestral arrangement with choir,

It sets the scene of a grand / royal procession with a  strong feel of grandeur and wonder.

Just a Drink or Two

A jazz piece designed to set the scene in a cocktail bar, that atmosphere of light chatter in the background in an elegant establishment with those few individuals drinking their woes into the early hours. 

Hero's Last Stand

orchestral driven piece that has a Marvel film sound to it without the bombastic percussion

Kingdom of Heaven

A Classically based piece with modern elements and electronic sounds integrated into it. It is slow moving with a spacious feel designed to invoke a feel of majestic wonder which is partly inferred in the title.

The Journey

A  beautifully live performed Classical Guitar piece that inspires thought and a hint of wonder

If I Could

A intimate contemporary heart break piece Led with a Grand Piano and wonderful female voice accompanied with a small string ensemble.

Midnight Serenade

A acoustic guitar driven piece that's romantic and has a courting feel to the story it tells

Touch Me

A simple solo Piano piece played live and off the cuff. No metronome or timing followed. Just a organic illustration of intimacy 

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